The members of the Chamber can be Bulgarian and other foreign legal entities, working in the sphere of transport on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, share the objectives of the Chamber and the way of achieving them, fulfil their duties and pay their membership fees on a regular basis.

The members of the Chamber shall be accepted by the Board of Managers upon submission of an online application together with a written request, a copy of a notarized power of attorney and a declaration. Sample documents are approved by the Board of Managers and attached as download documents to the online application submission platform.

The necessity of these documents is due to the fact that only in this way the Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers can carry out legal and factual actions on behalf of the member company in connection with the protection of its rights and interests.

The membership fee to the Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers amounts to 1000 BGN per year, payable into the bank account of the Chamber within 14 days from the date of completing the application for membership. For existing members, the membership fee for the current year is payable until 31 January.

Bank account:

The members of the Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers receive preferential terms for insurance and legal services, consultancy and preparation of projects with European funding, as well as purchase of consumables related to their activity.

In the future, they may also use specially prepared and adopted by the General Assembly rules, which regulate the different types of legal relations in the transport activity. These rules will have effect on their clients through their explicit reference to bilateral and multilateral contracts.

The membership application procedure begins by completing all the fields below (all fields are mandatory).

  • Name of the legal entity
  • Representative of the legal entity
  • Position of the representative / owner, manager , attorney – please attach a copy of the power of attorney/
  • Management address and phone number of the legal registered entity
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the representative of the company
  • Owned trucks / buses / others
  • Economic activity of the legal entity
  • Number of employees in the company / drivers
  • Short history of the company
  • Attached documents:
    • application form for membership – signed and stamped
    • declaration form – signed and stamped
    • power of attorney – copy of power of attorney attested by notary
    • company’s logo – in vector format or high resolution image
  • How did you understand about us
  • Additional information
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