Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers was established in 2017 as a non-profit legal entity. The Chamber unites all kinds of companies related to road transport in Bulgaria. The association has a wide range of activities and its aim is to achieve connectivity and communication across the whole transport chain from vehicle manufacturing to the needs of specialized personnel.

The members of Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers are Bulgarian and foreign legal entities, which are connected in one way or another with the transport activity in Bulgaria.

The basic principle of the Chamber will be:

With the unification of the efforts, the small deeds – gets bigger

As we mention mission we should have in mind that the main purpose of every association should be solving common problems, creating new perspectives and establishing sustainable transport policies.

These policies consist both – equal treatment of legal entities working in the field of transport and efficiency, speed and interest of the institutions related to the activities of the companies, which are part of the Chamber.

When establishing a balance and dialogue in business-to-institutional relations and creating time-constraining policies, then our mission will be fulfilled. And by that time we will work with consistency, professionalism and determination on the specific priorities we have set with our establishment.

The main policies that will be develop by the Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers are as follows:

  • Policy on reducing administrative difficulties in transport activities. This policy could be implemented through the development of electronic services provided by the administrative authorities that have direct access to the transport sector and the dropping out some of the obligations imputed on companies;
  • Improvement of the national legislation in the sector of transport, creation of rules relevant to the dynamically developing sector;
  • Creating regulations on national representation in the transport sector;
  • Development of policies related to dialogue with foreign countries on the control of the road vehicles, the security of the goods and preservation of the competitive advantages of the Bulgarian hauliers , as well as the development of policies for creating transport relationships with countries in a transport upsurge;
  • Making contact with foreign non-governmental organizations working in the transport sector regarding discovery of common goals and carrying out common activities for their achievement;
  • Policy on adopting a set of rules for solving the problem of the lack of qualified staff in the transport sector.

The authorities of the Chamber of the Bulgarian road hauliers are the General Assembly, Board of Managers and the Chief Executive Officer.

Structure of the General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme authority and all members of the Chamber participate in it. The members of the Chamber participate in the General Assembly through a legal representative or through a person explicitly authorized by him. The General Assembly  resolves issues related to the basic acts of the Chamber, the structure of the Board of Managers, considers complaints and requests.

Structure of the Board of Managers

The Board of Managers rules and represents the Chamber. The members of the Board of Managers are elected by the General Assembly for a term of 5 (five) years. The Board of Managers elects one of its members for a Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board of Managers represents the association to the public authorities, participates in international meetings, organizes meetings on issues related to transport problems and perspectives and observes the processes for achieving the set goals and priorities.

Chairman of the Board of Managers

Petko Angelov Petkov

Members of the Board of Managers  

Йордан Димитров Теофилов

Dimitar Todorov Dimitrov Д

Ahmet Bajram Chaush

Ivan Atanasov Vasev

The Chief Executive Officer directs the Chamber’s administration, represents it on explicit authorization, and directly contacts all members.

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